What is Throttle West International Moto Festival?

Throttle West Canada is a travel-inspired international motorcycle festival that celebrates women riders. It's an inclusive and friendly event for women who love to travel by motorcycle, regardless of the make or model. We encourage international motorcycle travel and offer seminars to help women build the confidence to expand their riding horizons, from local adventures to far-flung destinations. 

Where is it? For the third year, Throttle West Canada will take place in Nakusp BC at Riders Retreat.

Nakusp and the surrounding area are a dream come true for motorcyclists. Whether you prefer to ride on road, or off, there is something amazing waiting for you there. Best of all, about 80% of the vehicles you will come across are other bikes enjoying the curves and scenery too!

Why did I start Throttle West? Inspired by the surge in women motorcyclists, many of whom discover the joy of riding later in life, I founded Throttle West. It's a space for women riders to connect, share their adventures (past, present, and future), and learn valuable skills for solo and group motorcycle travel. 

Whether you are staying at our venue's all-inclusive campground, or in town at one of the hotels or motels, all you need to bring is you, your bike and whatever you need on a daily basis. Riders Retreat has your tent already set up with a queen-sized bed and bedding and of course your hotel will too!

Throttle West Tickets are $215 and includes Entertainment both nights, Swag, Giveaways, Dinner Friday night, An on or off-road day ride on Saturday, Breakfast and Dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Your accomodations are not included, as some people prefer to stay at hotels, some prefer Riders Retreat and some prefer to camp with their own gear.

If you are staying in town, we have a free shuttle to get people back and forth. For those of you who prefer to do your own motorcycle camping and bring all of your gear, Nakusp also has a municipal campground in town and the Shuttle can pick you up too.

Every year Throttle West chooses a Non-profit to support. This year we are donating to One Broker Biker, whose mission it is to raise funds and awareness for injured motorcyclists and their families; to provide financial support and compassionate services to help heal minds and bodies.

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2024 Traveler Presentations

Cynthia "Snacks" Franklin

Antonia Issa

Join us for an off-road day ride on Saturday!

For those of you wanting to ride off-road, you can trailer your bikes and camp! Check out the Nakusp Municipal Campground 

Off-road Day Ride!

I'm super excited to introduce you to the incredible Jennifer Zimmerman, who will lead our off-road ride at Throttle West Nakusp this summer! Jen lives in the area and has a lot of experience riding, but the off-road ride is accessible to everyone, as it will be a beginner to intermediate route.

Here is a little bit of info on Jen:

Motorcycle enthusiast Jennifer and her partner Mike moved to the Kootenays in the spring of 2021. While exploring the magnificent Kootenay mountains on back roads and ATV trails their dual sport hobby blossomed into a full on love affair.

Jennifer first discovered a passion for riding after her divorce in 2014 when she spent all her savings on a purple Harley Davidson. The following year on her 43rd birthday Mike gifted her a KTM 250xc and she immersed herself in dirt bike racing. Jen wasn’t a prodigy by any means but she had a great time attending all sorts of events in Ontario learning and creating lasting memories.

In 2019 Jennifer and Mike sold everything but their motorcycles. They packed up a van with two 2-stroke KTMs, hitched up their camper and headed out without a plan. They spent a couple of months touring around Florida, Louisiana, and Texas until they landed in Arizona. The dirt biking was epic. After a month of living the dream in Arizona, they headed to Baja, Mexico. They spent four months exploring Baja on foot, in the van, but mostly on the dirt bikes.

When not riding, you can find Jennifer on the roller derby track or in the gym. Jen has played roller derby as a jammer over the last 10 years for teams in Ontario, Florida and most currently for the Dam City Rollers in Castlegar. She has written fitness training articles for dirt bikers and recently begun writing for Canada Rides on various subjects including motorcycle fitness and her many adventures. Adventures that may seem normal to her but typically surprise her non-motorcycle and motorcycle friends.

all wheels welcome!

You don't have to ride your motorcycle to 

Throttle West! 

If you want to come and prefer to drive your car, van, jeep, truck or camper, FEEL WELCOME!

All that matters is that you come and enjoy the festivities, it doesn't matter how you get there!

Margaritaville Friday!

 What's better on a warm summer night than Frozen Margaritas and Mexican Food?!

Riders Retreat

What an amazing place! Throttle West Canada is so excited to partner with the awesome Riders Retreat for the second year in a row! 

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Rosie Gabrielle

2023 Headlining Presenter

Rosie is an inspirational solo motorcycle adventure rider, global explorer, 

photographer and videographer. Her honest portrayals of her travels are remarkable and makes one reconsider their perspectives about the world. She has completed solo rides in The Middle East, Asia, North America and Pakistan. Check out this amazing article about her on MotoWitch 

For more info on Rosie, you can also check out her social media links:

YouTube       Facebook         Instagram

2023Traveler Presentation

Crossing Paths with MJ Stein!

We are so excited to announce that the adventurous MJ Stein, author of Ruby's Dance by M.J.Stein is going to give a traveller presentation at Throttle West International Moto Festival this year!

MJ has written a new book called "Crossing Paths" and will engage us with an exciting reading, followed by a short Q&A session.

Mary Jane Stein grew up in Detroit Michigan. She traveled to BC in the early 1970’s, fell in love with the mountains, married a Canadian, and raised her four children in North Vancouver. Mary Jane has always loved to explore, to camp, and to hike.

She discovered her passion for motorcycling later in life, and with over 150,000 kilometers in the saddle in recent years, has been making up for lost time. Mary Jane chronicled her solo journey across Canada in her first book, Ruby’s Dance. Available on Amazon.


Her latest book, Crossing Paths, recounts her journey through the Yukon, including the breakdown of her bike, and the amazing adventure that followed.

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Special Thanks to Grover Law Firm for their generous donation to cover everyone's massages!

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